The Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition BLACCC, Inc.

Mission Statement

The Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition, Inc. (BLACCC) is a client-controlled, client run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based coalition. Our mission is to improve and secure the quality of life, leading to the physical, mental health recovery and wellness of African American clients.


  • To provide literacy, education and advocacy regarding the mental health care disparities that occur, particularly in the Los Angeles County African American communities.
  • To be accountable, responsive and committed to reducing stigma associated with mental illness by educating the public and continuing to educate our members in the areas of leadership, advocacy, mental health and policy making issues.
  • To develop an effective self-help mental health peer advocacy network that address the needs of African American mental health consumers.


In order to ensure that the needs of the African American mental health services were being met, Los Angeles County Black Mental Health consumers, educators, stakeholders, practitioners and community activists, formed the Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition (BLACCC) in 2006 to advocate for mental health service delivery for the underserved/un-served, inappropriately served African American population.