Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition Education

Marcus recognizes the importance and power of education and that school is never-out! with the combination of hard-work and in the intervening time; he builds self-confidence aligning health-fitness and spirituality into his life and livelihood.

Marcus has studied at Pasadena City College since year 2000 earning several vocational certificates and the possession of a food management certificate - High School Diploma or equivalency. He has worked at BAJA Ranch Supermarket Cook/Kitchen Deli-Help rover the past eight years.  BAJA's responsibilities; he performs general cooking duties in preparing food items to be served to customers. His work involves planning menus, estimating consumption and cooking according to standard recipes and include cleaning duties and stocking supplies.


Mattie Coleman – Corresponding Secretary / Consumer Advocate

"I have a been a proud member of The Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition since 2008. I am a woman with a story of survival. I recently graduated from Los Angeles Southwest College and hope to go to work in the field of Psychology, preferably as a substance abuse counselor. I recently turned 60, but I am more hopeful of the future than ever.

I am an interim corresponding secretary for BLACCC. Even though my duties are light, I feel a tremendous responsibility to be part of the job that is mentioned in our Mission Statement. When someone says the phrase "giving back", it means working to help others beat the forces of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, homelessness and drug addiction. Not to mention physical disabilities, loneliness, heartbreak or any disparity that prevents the wholeness of the African American communities.

What has impressed me the most being a member of BLACCC is working with Osbee Sangster as a mentor and the members who have become my family and friends."

Honorable Mentions: President List 2011-Southwest College, Dean's List 2010-2013-Southwest College, GPA 3.9

Learning Objective

I am to empower metal health consumers in the area of civil rights and human rights in general.


Dedicated worker willing to expand and contribute job skills and work experience to benefit the community and BLACCC's, vision, purpose and mission statement.


Knowledgeable on State Board Benefits Planning, Mental Health and Immigration Law resources.

Microsoft Office (i.e. Word and Excel)

Familiar with web research functions

Money Management

                                                     Work Experience

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