Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition, Inc.

Audrey J. Hall was known as a focused, thoughtful and passionate advocate, an articulate spokesperson for people with disabilities and an effective partner for social change and justice. She possessed a B.S. in Health Management and received a posthumous M.S. degree in Gerontology. Audrey served (two) terms as Chair of Los Angeles County Client Coalition (LACCC.) In addition Audrey served as a dedicated member and recording secretary of the Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition BLACCC. Audrey volunteered with the Department of Mental Health through her leadership as Chair of the Los Angeles County Client Coalition and championed important advances for mental health recovery helping the underrepresented communities. Audrey was a robust advocate and dedicated friend of the mental health community.

She attempted; to bring clients to the realization they have a voice. She spent time speaking and sharing the concerns of other clients. She was motivated to share her experiences and to empower others to address their issues. "We go through things and she would let others know there is help, you do not have to suffer in silence or in isolation and try to settle your issues alone, your relationship with God is crucial because He can and He will bring you out every time if you would just trust his power and his might."